The people of the Republic of China have longed for peace and democracy as well as a good relationship with people from other democractic countries all over the world. In order to strengthen foreign affairs and enhance its relationship with people from other countries as well as natural, cultural, business, and technological exchanges and cooperation, the Provincial Government of Taiwan first began the sister state relationship with the state of Indiana, USA in November, 1979. Thanks to the efforts of several governors, we have established sister state relationships with forty two states. To upgrade our friendship with our sister states and the genuine relationship among one another, we opened the Exhibition Room of Taiwan's Sister States on Retrocession Day in 1985 to both local and foreign visitors, displaying culture items and all related documents about sister states. The exhibition is aimed to introduce relevant cultural items of Sister States, including each state's legislature, motto, state bird, flower, document of sisterhood contracts. In addition, specimens and models of state birds, animals, flowers, fish, special products and books, maps, magazines, posters, and pictures on the state's tourism, business and industries, agriculture and forestry, folklore, pictures of signing activities, state flags, state distribution map, and signing contract dates are also on display.