The Taiwan Provincial Administration Informatoin Hall has a special display featuring scale models of ten grade one historic monuments in Taiwan. These exhibits introduce visitors to the history of Taiwan's development, traditional architecture, religions, beliefs, and customs, revealing the deep bonds that join Taiwan and mainland China.They include the Matsu Temple on Penghu Island; Hung Mao Cheng (Fort San Domingo ) in Tamsui, Taipei, the Confucius Temple, Chin Kan Lou (Fort Provintia), Eternal Fortress, and Official God of War Temple in Tainan; theConfucius Temple in Changhua, Lungshan Temple in Lukang, the Chin Kuang Fu House in Hsinchu, and Ersha Bay Gun Emplacement in Keelung. This pamphlet provides a detailed description of each, including their dates of establishment, historical significance, and unique characteristics.
In addition to the sites featured in the display , there are 14 other grade one historic monuments in the Taiwan and Fukien areas . They are the North Gate of Taipei (Cheng En Gate), Yuanshan Archeological Site, Old Fort of Fengshan County, Tapenkeng Archeological Site , Old Patung Pass Trail, the Tomb of Wang Te-lu, Peinan Archeological Site , Eight Immortals Caves Archeological Site , Hsitai Fort and Tungtai Fort on Penghu, the Temple of the Five Noble Ladies, Ta Tien Hou(Matsu)Temple , Old Anping Fort , and the Memorial Arch for the Mother of Chiu Liang-Kung . These are described in the appendix of this publication.